A passion project combining the French House duo, Daft Punk, and The American Synesthesia Association into a hypothetical concert event called “HUEMAN”. The goal was to create collateral materials to be used for admittance, as well as souvenirs.

The American Synesthesia Association aims to draw awareness to the condition of Synesthesia. This condition allows for those affected to “see” colors based off of the music they hear or the words they read. Daft Punk, having an 80’s futuristic vibe and often posing the question on whether or not they’re robot or human, uses a large variety of changing lights and colors along with steady beats that influence their aesthetic and the design choices for “Hueman”. This combination lead into a glowing, neon light inspired aesthetic that would drive the creation of materials.

Several items were produced as a result, including tickets, a mailed package containing a CD, and a booklet for the event. There are two sets of each, with the colors either blue or pink to represent one of two members of Daft Punk. The material is ready to be shipped out should Daft Punk ever get the idea to make a concert on Synthesia.

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