Matcha is typically sold in large unadorned bags or expensive tins to be prepared in a multi-stepped process. Aiming to target those interested in the tea who aren’t willing to spend as much, but still want the experience of this traditional drink, a new cost efficient package design was needed.

A traditional Japanese drink, matcha is made from heavily processed green tea and is often associated with tea ceremonies and thorough preparation to enjoy. This tea is usually more on the expensive side and can often be difficult for many to get into or have an easy, ready to go alternative. As a result, a product was needed that would allow easy access and instruction to a perfect cup of matcha while also giving a premium feel for the price paid.

The design for this package features a cap that slowly slides off the bottom box and is quick and easy for the tea drinker who just wants their matcha. Inside the separating box is a bag that contains the matcha itself. Entirely paper based and recyclable, this package reaches out to those looking to experience “Shibui”, or overall simplicity with complexity in subtle details, such as the texture and feel in this case. Cheap, but able to be displayed, it’s an easy entry into those wanting to experience matcha tea.

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